The Beautiful Hodgepodge (PRE-ORDER) 2020

The Beautiful Hodgepodge (PRE-ORDER) 2020

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The Beautiful Hodgepodge

by B.J. Hernandez Books


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  • Exciting & Fun Way To Educate Our Youth! A Blend Of Hip-Hop & Education
  • Uses Hip-Hop Songs For Teaching Kids Lessons In Math, Science, Grammar & More
  • Features A GROOVY Way To Learn Spanish!
  • Gifted and Lit Molds Modern Beats, Lyrics, & Positive Information That is Intended To Influence Children
  • Uses Age Appropriate Kids Music To Make Learning Fun While Promoting International Travel, Language Learning



Journey with Zoe and Brooklyn on a trip through this colorful story of friendship.They learn things about themselves and each other. This fun story opens a healthy dialog to address self worth, beauty and differences.