Author B. J. Hernandez

B.J. Hernandez was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in the small town of Wadley, GA which is two hours south of Atlanta. She is an active duty US Navy Chief Petty Officer and has enjoyed 17 years of serving her country thus far. Among her time in the Navy, she has gotten a chance to visit over 35 countries completing several humanitarian missions. Her most challenging tour was spent boots on ground in Iraq and her most loved tour was spent in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. For a vast majority of her life, B.J. Hernandez has written about everything she has seen and experienced. Her passion is people and helping them build self-confidence to conquer the most difficult of tasks. She helps people discover their current GPS location is not their final destination, especially, as it pertains to children. They need an outlet to express themselves and the issues they are encountering. Bullying is real just as low self-esteem, disabilities, poverty, obesity, and so many other things. Communication is essential to combating them all.

The Maze of Bravery is B.J.’s first novel and the first in a series of ten. They follow a series of children that overcome personal obstacles. Follow along! You won’t regret it!


Co-Author: Kim Parker

Kim grew up in Wadley, GA which is two hours south of Atlanta. She is a New York City Department of Education English Teacher who has dedicated the last 22 years of her life toward the development and advancement of children. She is a graduate of both St. Francis College of Brooklyn and Cambridge College of Massachusetts. She is the mother of three children, Michael, Tyrone and Isaiah. Kim is a strong advocate of beating the odds regardless the circumstance and is very generous at exhausting her resources to help any child in her path. Her crusade is fueled by the dreams fulfilled of everyday people she interacts with.

Illustrator: Genee Rosario

Genee is very passionate about illustration. She studied animation in Manila, Philippines. She works as a freelance digital artist and began a career because of the love she has for animated films and cartoons. She desires to creative control in bringing others ideas to life. She pours her love of illustration into every design and that love, in turn, is reflected in every character throughout this series of books.